The Vision and Graphics Lab (VGL) is a world-renowned research group focused on state-of-the-art, photorealistic 3D morphable face modeling and authoring using deep learning. In 2020, we developed the first real-time system that can produce a complete, clothed human body including textures using only a single 2D view to digitize a high-fidelity 3D body model. The VGL also developed a framework that takes a single scan as input to generate a set of personalized facial blendshapes, dynamic and physically-based textures, as well as secondary facial components like teeth and eyeballs. (See our Publications page.)

In addition to the above mentioned research accomplishments, the Vision and Graphics Lab has had the pleasure of working with top-tier talent, studio executives, commercial research groups, and production teams working in film, games and new media. We deliver high-resolution facial reflectance data from our light stage for film projects such as Free Guy, Aladdin, Jungle Book, Logan, Bad Boys 3, Avatar 1,2 & 3, Thor Ragnarök, and Wonder Woman 1984 (just to name a few).

Our partnerships within the entertainment industry help us uncover new challenges in the virtual digital human space. These insights inform our research goals and push us to investigate new and exciting capabilities. If you are interested in tech transfers including light stage scan services and data, or light stage system transitions, please get in contact.

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