Dynamic Shape Capture using Multi-View Photometric Stereo
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009)
Daniel Vlasic 1    Pieter Peers 2    Ilya Baran 1    Paul Debevec 2    Jovan Popovic 1 3 4    Szymon Rusinkiewicz 3 5    Wojciech Matusik 3   
CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1    University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies 2    Adobe Systems, Inc. 3    University of Washington 4    Princeton University 5   

Five different dynamic geometries shown from a novel viewpoint. Each meash contains over 1,000,000 polygons, and exhibits approximately a 2mm resolution. Each shape was captured from 8 cameras, running at a modest 240Hrz, using only 4 illumination conditions, yielding an effective 60Hrz temporal mesh resolution.

We describe a system for high-resolution capture of moving 3D geometry, beginning with dynamic normal maps from multiple views. The normal maps are captured using active shape-from-shading (photometric stereo), with a large lighting dome providing a series of novel spherical lighting configurations. To compensate for low-frequency deformation, we perform multi-view matching and thin-plate spline deformation on the initial surfaces obtained by integrating the normal maps. Next, the corrected meshes are merged into a single mesh using a volumetric method. The final output is a set of meshes, which were impossible to produce with previous methods. The meshes exhibit details on the order of a few millimeters, and represent the performance over human-size working volumes at a temporal resolution of 60Hz.


SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Paper
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Video
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