Light Stage Data Gallery

The following datasets are 4D Reflectance Fields captured using the Light Stage 6 apparatus at the USC Centers for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles, California. Light Stage 6 is a high-speed illumination system designed for human-scale subjects consisting of 6,500 white LED sources. Each dataset shows a static subject captured under 253 individual lighting directions covering the full sphere of illumination. The images are matted onto a black background and the corresponding alpha matte is provided. A preview QuickTime animation shows each dataset illuminated by the Grace Cathedral lighting environment. The corresponding lighting direction vectors, measured RGB light intensities, and camera calibration files are contained in the data files at the end of the page. Relevant research publications are linked at the bottom of the page.

The 24-bit color .png images (See the libpng site) contain gamma-corrected pixel values z with a gamma of 2.2. To convert to radiometrically linear values L in the range of [0,1], compute L=(z/255.0)^(2.2). Failing to apply the gamma curve to the data will produce incorrect relighting results. The data provided in the OpenEXR format is radiometrically linear, as all HDR images ought to be.

This data is provided "AS IS" for academic and non-commercial use. For commercial use of this data or the Light Stage itself, please contact the USC Office of Technology Licensing.

If you have any question regarding the datasets please contact us by e-mail at

Light Directions[.txt]
Light Intensities[.txt]
Camera Calibration (Standing and Kneeling Knight)[.txt]
Camera Calibration (Fighting Knight)[.txt]
Left Camera Calibration (Helmet and Plant)[.txt]
Right Camera Calibration (Helmet and Plant)[.txt]

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