Simulating Spatially Varying Lighting on a Live Performance
3rd European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2006), Nov 2006
SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketch
Andrew Jones    Andrew Gardner    Mark Bolas*   
Ian McDowall**    Paul Debevec   
USC Institute for Creative Technologies    *USC School of Cinematic Arts    **Fakespace Labs, Inc.   

We present an image-based technique for relighting dynamic human performances under spatially varying illumination. Our system generates a time-multiplexed LED basis and a geometric model recovered from high-speed structured light patterns. The geometric model is used to scale the intensity of each pixel differently according to its 3D position within the spatially varying illumination volume. This yields a first-order approximation of the correct appearance under the spatially varying illumination. A global illumination process removes indirect illumination from the original lighting basis and simulates spatially varying indirect illumination. We demonstrate this technique for a human performance under several spatially varying lighting environments.

One of 29 basis lighting directions

One of 24 structured light patterns

Face relit by spatially-varying light


CVMP 2006 Paper
spatial_cvmp.pdf (1.6MB)

SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketch
spatial_sketch.pdf (1.2MB)

spatial_relighting_divx.avi (8.7MB)
spatial_relighting_mpeg4.avi (4.5MB)

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