Scanning and Printing a 3D Portrait of President Barack Obama
Smithsonian Digitization Program Office and USC Institute for Creative Technologies
SIGGRAPH 2015 Studio Talks

The University of Southern Californian Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) was part of a Smithsonian-lead team that created 3-D portraits of President Obama. A modified Light Stage X, a high-speed system with eight cameras and 50 LED lights that capture detailed shape and reflectance properties of a face in seconds, recorded the President's facial features in high-resolution. The Light Stage data was processed by the ICT Graphics Lab team, and subsequently combined with additional data capture by the Smithsonian team to create a life-sized bust and life mask of the president.

More information on the Light Stage Systems and their underlying technology developed at USC ICT can be found at:

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White House Photographer Pete Souza's image of President Obama in the mobile Light Stage appeared in 2014: The Year in Photos

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