Image-based Separation of Diffuse and Specular Reflections using Environmental Structured Illumination
IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2009
Bruce Lamond    Pieter Peers    Abhijeet Ghosh    Paul Debevec   
University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies

Diffuse-specular separation under controlled hemispherical illumination.
Left: A ceramic Sake bottle illuminated by uniform hemispherical illumination.
Middle: The extracted diffuse component under the same lighting condition.
Right: The corresponding extracted specular component

We present an image-based method for separating diffuse and specular reflections using environmental structured illumination. Two types of structured illumination are discussed: phase-shifted sine wave patterns, and phase-shifted binary stripe patterns. In both cases the low-pass filtering nature of diffuse reflections is utilized to separate the reflection components. We illustrate our method on a wide range of example scenes and applications.


ICCP 2009 Paper
iccp2009.pdf, (33MB)

Supplemental Technical Report (contains extra examples and derivations)
ICT-TR-01-2009.pdf, (114MB)

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