Fast Image-based Separation of Diffuse and Specular Reflections
SIGGRAPH 2007 Sketch / ICT Technical Report ICT-TR-02.2007
Bruce Lamond    Pieter Peers    Paul Debevec   
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Diffuse-specular separation under image-based indirect illumination

(a) A marble ball illuminated by a photograph of a teapot.
(b) The extracted diffuse component under the same lighting. The angular variation of the incident illumination is far less visible.
(c) The extracted specular component, showing a clear image of the incident illumination.

We present a novel image-based method for separating diffuse and specular reflections of real objects under distant environmental illumination. By illuminating a scene with only four high frequency illumination patterns, the specular and diffuse reflections can be separated by computing the maximum and minimum observed pixel values. Furthermore, we show that our method can be extended to separate the diffuse and specular component under image-based environmental illumination. Applications range from image-based modeling of reflectance properties to improved normal and geometry acquisition.


Siggraph 2007 Sketch
FIBS_S2007_Sketch.pdf, (27.1MB)
Presentation Slides, (21.5MB)

Technical Report
ICT-TR-02-2007_FIBS.pdf, (2.3MB)

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