Estimating Diffusion Parameters from Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination
IEEE CG&A Special Issue on Scattering May/June 2013    SIGGRAPH 2012 Talk    SIGGRAPH 2012 Poster   
Yufeng Zhu    Pradeep Garigipati    Pieter Peers    Paul Debevec    Abhijeet Ghosh   
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Observations under cross-polarized 0th and 1th spherical gradient illumination conditions (top-row) employed to estimate per-surface point diffusion parameters (center) for dipole diffusion rendering (right).

We propose a novel method for acquiring subsurface scattering parameters of heterogeneous translucent materials. We show that dense per-surfacepoint scattering parameters can be directly obtained from observations under cross-polarized spherical gradient illumination of curved surfaces. Our method is a direct method, and does not require any explicit fitting of observed scattering profiles. The validity of the developed theory is demonstrated on a variety of heterogeneous translucent objects.


IEEE CG&A 2013 Paper
IEEECG&A-SpecialIssue-Scattering.pdf, (3.41MB)

SIGGRAPH 2012 Poster
SIGGRAPH2012_Poster.pdf, (15.6MB)

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