Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry
Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry
Eurographics 2013
SIGGRAPH 2012 Talk/Poster
Paul Graham     Borom Tunwattanapong     Jay Busch     Xueming Yu     Andrew Jones    
Paul Debevec     Abhijeet Ghosh
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Figure 1: (a) Rendering with scanned mesostructure (4K displacement map). (b) Rendering with synthesized microstructure (16K displacement map). (c) Photograph under flash illumination.



We present a technique for generating microstructure-level facial geometry by augmenting a mesostructure-level facial scan with detail synthesized from a set of exemplar skin patches scanned at much higher resolution. Additionally, we make point-source reflectance measurements of the skin patches to characterize the specular reflectance lobes at this smaller scale and analyze facial reflectance variation at both the mesostructure and microstructure scales. We digitize the exemplar patches with a polarization-based computational illumination technique which considers specular reflection and single scattering. The recorded microstructure patches can be used to synthesize full-facial microstructure detail for either the same subject or to a different subject. We show that the technique allows for greater realism in facial renderings including more accurate reproduction of skin's specular reflection effects.


Figure 2: Microgeometry acquisition setups (a) Twelve-light hemisphere capturing a patch on the cheek. (b) LED Sphere with camera inside, capturing the nose tip.


Figure 3 (left to right: A, A', B, B'): We add microstructural detail to a scanned facial region B using the analogous relationship between an exemplar microstructure patch A' and a blurred version of it A which matches the mesostructural detail of B.




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